Freelance packaging & graphic designer.

Onsite, Offsite, Freelance, Part-time, Fractional, Consultant.

Let's think outside the box.

I work with entrepreneurs, athletes, personalities, and companies to define their persona, champion their spirit, tune their voice, refine their look, and evolve into brands people remember and want to connect with. I truly love what I do and believe in the brands I work for.

I've worked for national advertising agencies (FCB-San Francisco, DGWB-Orange County, Y&R-Austin, Vitro-San Diego, and global brands O'Neill-Santa Cruz and Quiksilver-Huntington Beach. Fashion, Food, Auto, Tech, Games, Outdoors and Sports.

I consult full time as BXC Inc. I have created global-branding strategies, eCommerce, campaigns, trade-show booths, product packaging, videos, retail POP, social media and every asset inbetween. I have a vetted network of high-level copywriters, photographers, developers, illustrators, producers and printers. I work solo, with your team, or mine. Either way, let's go big! Call me for your next big idea.

Drew Dougherty - California (will travel!)
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Packaging Design Capabilities

Design Consulting
Competitor Reviews
Retailer Audits
Sales Presentation & Mock-ups
Print Estimating & Fulfillment

Technical Product Illustrations
Product Lifestyle Photography
Decorative Graphics
Tags, Labels, Inserts & Manuals
Photo Retouching

Press-Ready Production
Structural Engineering
Dielines & Mechanicals
Full-Size Concept Prototypes
3D Image Rendering

Consumer Testing
3D Image Rendering
Waste Reduction & Recycling
Domestic Production
Off-shore Production

Sporting Goods, Action Sports, Technology, Nutrition, Energy Drinks, Water Bottles, Toys & Games.

Increase desire & create joy.
Reduce packaging costs & waste.

Custom Packaging Designers and Printers